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Also known as Abaleth’ Injabulo, Joy Bringers is a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation (050-498-NPO, PBO: 030022736) that focuses on breaking the cycle of crime by transforming the lives of inmates, their families and communities as well as the staff of Correctional Centres. Joy Bringers is a Christian, faith-based organization, which started its operations in 2005.

Joy Bringers was first committed to the Krugersdorp Correctional Facility in the West Rand, Greater Johannesburg. Over the past 7 years, the organization has expanded its coverage and now operates in 8 management areas representing the entire Gauteng Province - namely Krugersdorp, Leeuwkop (Fourways), Sun City (Soweto), Pretoria, Modderbee (East Rand), Zonderwater, Baviaanspoort and Boksburg Correctional Centers.

To date, Joy Bringers has trained 320 female inmates, 2250 male inmates, and 200 wardens in anger management and emotional wellness. The organization has also trained 300 juvenile inmates in various aspects of their emotional and spiritual needs. The program is commended by the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) due to its impact and it has been observed that over 90 percent of the inmates who have been through this program have not returned to prison – this evidence was observed mainly in Sun City, Krugersdorp and Leeukop Centers.

Your donations can make A difference

As an organisation, Joy Bringers is committed to bring transformation in correctional facilities. Thus, in the past, our main focus area was the training of prison inmates. However, we believe that we cannot isolate the prison inmates from their families and the correctional officials; therefore we have expanded our vision so that we can approach the prison inmates within the context of their officials and their families, and the communities where the inmates come from. Hence, Joy Bringers’ programmes are designed for the spiritual transformation of inmates, their families, Correctional Centre’s officials and the community. The four components of Joy Bringers’ programmes are Custodian (Inmates) and Correctional Officials Programme; Ex-offenders Programme; Youth Development (Crime Prevention) Programme; and Skills Development (Community College) Programme.

Programmes Custodian (Inmates) &  Correctional Officials  Programme Ex-offenders  Programme Youth Development  (Crime Prevention)  Programme Skills Development  (Community College)  Programme


We’ve put together this video for your special attention. See what we can achieve when we join hands.

We train offenders to be valuable assets when they reinstate society especially the communities where they belonged. But to achieve this we need to train and prepare not only the inmates but also the officials in charge of them, the families  and community at large and this requires funds and assistance from your generous donations to accomplish this task.

Our goal is to make sure that all ex offenders reinstate society and become assets in their respective communities.