About foundation

We give an extended hand to change lives

Such result in limited gains achieved through the rehabilitation program. Therefore, NGOs like Joy Bringers have an important role in augmenting the programs offered by the DCS.

In view of the complex nature of the problem of crime, Joy Bringers will be breaking this cycle by running interventions in three areas of society-family, church and the Correctional centres. The vision , mission and strategies to be applied will be explained in detail.

The Team

Dr Gabriel E Francis

Founder of Joy Bringers

Dr Denns

Director at Joy Bringers

Basetsana Kumalo

Director at Joy Bringers

Roger Kirkwood

Director at Joy Bringers

L. Chabeli

Director at Joy Bringers


To see individuals, communities and societies in Africa transformed through leadership in the areas of family, churches and correctional centres.


“To identify. equip, empower and release emerging leaders in families, churches and in the Correctional centres.” “To mobilize individuals in families, churches and in needy conditions (Correctional centres) among the nations of Africa, to come to a place of serving society as transforming agents.”