Correctional Centres

The strategy include:.

Custodian and correctional officials rehabilitation programs

Anger management, Emotional wellness, character training, Leadership school and Theological Seta accredited certificate training.

Halfway house reintegration/empowering programs and political advocacy

A six month reintegration school and other short term need based trainings is offered to offenders on parole.

After care of ex-offenders

involve counseling, bimonthly meetings, empowering courses for job placement.

Enlisting, training and mentoring

of ex-offenders serving as evangelist and pastors of disadvantaged communities

Community college concepts

partnership with Agricultural companies to empower the ex-offenders in agricultural projects, Bible school and hard skills training- this will be offered by Joy Bringers in partnership with other organizations.

The Community College will also facilitate access to employment opportunities through partnerships with other organizations in facilitating access to job opportunities.

About Joy Bringers Approach and Past Achievements

Also known as Abaleth’ Injabulo, Joy Bringers is a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation (050-498-NPO, PBO 030022736) that focuses on breaking the cycle of crime by transforming the lives of staff in Correctional Centers, custodial offenders, ex-offenders, families of offenders and communities. Joy Bringers is a faith-based organization founded upon Christian values and principles.
Over the past 11 years, the organization has expanded its coverage and now operates in 8 management areas, representing the entire Gauteng Province. The areas include Krugersdorp, Leeuwkop (Fourways), Sun City (Soweto), Pretoria, Pre-Modderbee, Zonderwater, Baviaanspoort, and Boksburg Correctional Centres.
To date, Joy Bringers celebrated the following achievements

  • Provided rehabilitation training to 260 female custodial offenders, 2370 male custodial offenders, and 200 wardens in anger management and emotional wellness.
  • Trained 300 juvenile custodial offenders in various aspects of emotional and spiritual wellness.
The contribution made by Joy Bringers is highly commended by DCS due to its impact. It has been observed that over 90 percent of the custodial offenders who have been through the program do not return to prison, thereby reducing the rate of recidivism – this evidence was observed mainly in Sun City, Krugersdorp and Leeukop Correctional Centres.